Dave’s Tips Easy, non-toxic bath for gunked up or painted hardware

Need to bring back that bling to painted over hardware?  This is a no-fuss and non-toxic method that will make your hardware shine again. Remember how rejuvenated you feel after a long, hot, sudsy soak in the tub?  Well it works for that old hardware too.  The paint-to-shine-xdifference is the metal pieces take their long, hot, sudsy soak in a crock-pot. This method, advocated by Brad Kittel, owner of Discovery Architectural Antiques, in Gonzales, Texas, uses nothing more than water, a bit of liquid detergent, and heat to break the paint bond. Typically the paint layers will slide off just using your fingers. If some stubborn bits remain just scrub those off using a nylon brush.  Don’t using  anything harsher or you’ll risk  scratching the hardware.51ZN2nh-0eL._AA160_

We recommend a beeswax furniture polish after stripping to restore the sheen to solid brass or thickly plated hardware. Two of our favorites we use at the Front Porch and Back Dorr are Van Gogh and Daddy Van’s beeswax and we keep them in stock. So give it a try and let us know how this method works out for you with your next  hardware restoration project.