New from the Front Porch

We just fell in love with these handcrafted iPad holders from K&K Woodworkers, a new little outfit in Clinton MS.  Each piece is signed by the artist and labeled with the type of wood used, including the Latin name, which we thought was adorable!  There is quite a variety of size, shape, and wood type.  Our personal fav are the ones that have incorporated the knots and grain of the wood.  Each one is priced at $60 and goes towards supporting an American made product, so it leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy too!! Come on by and check them out!photo(23) photo(22)

Harvest Sale!

As a big “Thank You!” to all of our wonderful customers for allowing us to close up shop last week due to a fab family wedding we are having a sale at both locations!! Enjoy 20% off all NON consignment furniture. Been waiting to find the perfect buffet or a sweet chair for your guest room, now is the time!  The sale will be both Saturday and Sunday at The Front Porch (920 W. Broad St, Falls Church VA) and at our warehouse, The Back Dorr (2711-D Dorr Ave, Dunn Loring VA). So please come on by and just say “Harvest Sale!” to get your special 20% off, can’t wait to see everyone!!FPlogo_finalfull_2C

Don’t Strip It



So many people stop in THE FRONT PORCH and ask if we will refinish their piece of furniture.  The standard answer is “of course, but we don’t do chemical stripping.”    The reason is that we don’t have to.




At both THE FRONT PORCH and THE BACK DORR we only use HOWARD brand Restore-a-Finish.  We call the a miracle in a can.  Restore-a-Finish comes in nine colors, although most stores only carry eight.  The darkest color, Ebony Brown, is hard to find, but we carry it at both our locations.  You can find most colors at Home Depot and Lowes, but my recommendation is shop local.  Click here  20131016_120933 to see the color options available.