SlipCovers for you Walls

Finally, Slipcovers for your Walls


Removable Wallcoverings

THE FRONT PORCH  is so proud to be joining forces with Ashley Spencer at Casart.  Here’s the buzz…

Casart® (pronounced “Kaz-art”), meaning “art for your home”, offers the look of traditional decorative finishes and modern wallcovering designs on a self-adhesive canvas that can be easily repositioned, removed and reused. The result is a changeable slipcover for your wall.  Without sacrificing the hand-painted quality of elegant wall finishes, Casart offers an innovative solution with the long-term value of reuse as seasons, needs or design desires change. Mess, time and commitment are minimized with the flexibility to install, reposition and remove the wallcovering without damaging walls. Each wallcovering is “print to order” and all of our items can be customized to suit your needs.

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